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About us

Meteorological and environmental services

Meteosim is a company which specialises in meteorological and environmental services.
Our main business areas are air quality, climate change, risk management and ocean studies.

100% customized solutions

The combination of our strong scientific background, extensive meteorological knowledge, and focus on improving results for our customers, allows us to create custom technological solutions, which facilitate decision-making in environmental risk management and operational excellence.

Expert multidisciplinary team

We have a highly qualified team of physicists and engineers, all of whom are committed to delivering the best solution for each customer.

High knowledge in numerical simulation

We work using the most advanced numerical modelling tools.


Identify potential atmospheric hazards.

Anticipate and respond quickly to atmospheric chemical accidents.

Monitor critical conditions within your operations.

Evaluate the causes of pollution episodes in detail.

Plan activities which are sensitive to atmospheric conditions.


Short and medium term weather and air quality forecasts

Online pollutant dispersion modelling

Environmental alerting forecasts days in advance

Air Quality and odour nuisance impact identification and analysis

Business-critical activities impact modelling

Environmental sensor networks integration


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