3rd Visca general assembly and 3rd Stakeholders workshop

The 3rd General Assembly of VISCA project, led by METEOSIM, will take place on 9th and 10th December 2019 in Barcelona. VISCA team members will meet in Barcelona to discuss about the last progresses of the VISCA project, while planning the coming challenges of the project for 2020.

Also, the 3rd VISCA Stakeholders workshop will take place on 11th December 2019 in Barcelona. The event will present VISCA DSS where participants will have access to the tool. The event will host interesting exchanges and roundtables with the VISCA partners, Advisory Board members and external guests about the status-quo of climate services in the agriculture sector and the replicability opportunities in other vineyards as well as in olives and cereals. Check the preliminary agenda [link] and join us [link] either in Barcelona or online!

VISCA “Vineyards” Integrated Smart Climate Application’ is a research & innovation project co-funded under the Horizon 2020 programme with a total budget of 3.2M euros. VISCA has developed a Climate Service (CS) and Decision Support System (DSS) for the wine sector that integrate climate, agricultural models with farmers’ management specifications in order to design short practices, medium- and long-term adaptation strategies to climate change. The project started officially in May 2017 and it ends in December 2020. VISCA consortium is led by METEOSIM and it is composed of 11 members from different fields including 3 end-users (Codorniu, Mastroberardino and Symington). The project is currently validated by real demonstrations in Spain, Italy and Portugal.