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Meteosim is a company which specialises in meteorological and environmental services. It operates globally (in more than 45 countries) using the most advanced numerical modelling tools.

The combination of our strong scientific background, extensive meteorological knowledge, and focus on improving results for our customers, allows us to create custom technological solutions, which facilitate decision-making in environmental risk management and operational excellence.

We have a highly qualified team of physicists and engineers, all of whom are committed to delivering the best solution for each customer.

Meteorological and environmental services

100% customized solutions

Expert multidisciplinary team

High knowledge in numerical simulation



Meteosim was created as a spin-off in 2003 as a result of a partnership between researchers from the Department of Astronomy and Meteorology at the University of Barcelona’s Faculty of Physics (Spain) and the North American company Meso Inc. (New York), a world leader in the field of meteorology.

Meteosim’s focus was on developing and researching mesoscale and microscale weather simulation models aimed at the wind industry, air quality and other weather-sensitive sectors.
In 2007, to strengthen Meteosim’s global position within the wind power sector, the Meteosim Truewind company was founded, a joint venture between Meteosim and the American company AWS Truewind.

In 2011, following the success of this joint venture, the two companies merged to form AWS Truepower, a world leader in independent renewable energy consulting.

This diversification allowed Meteosim to focus its research, development and marketing resources on other weather-sensitive sectors: Air Quality, Climate Change, Risk Management and Metocean.
In 2015, Meteosim opened a business office in Washington DC, which provides additional support to multilateral organisations.

In 2016, after completing multiple projects in Latin America, Meteosim Colombia SAS was founded, which allows us to be geographically closer to our customers and help them to improve their bottom line through meteorological, climate and environmental solutions.


Meteosim is an Innovative SME committed to the environmental, technological and economic improvement of our society. Since Meteosim’s founding in 2003, there has been a specific company commitment towards service and technological innovation. In addition, Meteosim has an R & D & d department that works actively to implement projects for climate change, air quality, meteorological, metocean and environmental extreme events risk management.

Meteosim is currently focused on the performance of climate services that provide valuable information for the design of adaptation strategies to climate change over multiple key sectors for society, such as agriculture, water and energy management as well as infrastructure design and construction.

Since 2010, Meteosim has participated in numerous R & D & d projects funded by the European Union through the FP7 and Horizon2020 framework programs.


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