Climate Resilient Transport Infrastructures

Meteosim’s CEO Mr. Oriol de Tera participated in a presentation (BBL) held at the Headquarters of the World Bank in mid November 2016.

The aim of the presentation was to give a general overview of one of the innovative and integrated approaches through the real case developed in Nicaragua “Desarrollo de Capacidad Adaptativa para el Cambio Climatico en el Sector Transporte” – financed by the Nordic Development Fund (NDF).

Our presentation was focused in explaining to what degree regional climate change scenarios are important, reinforcing the idea that climate adaptation plans and resilience actions need accurate and local information about climate impacts, and this means to improve the specific local and regional meteorology and climatology understanding.

In that context, the presentation addressed different approaches to generate regional climate scenarios (dynamical downscaling vs. statistical downscaling) including Pros and Cons for each one.