I-REACT First newsletter

I-REACT will be the first European-wide platform to integrate emergency management data coming from multiple sources, including that provided by citizens through social media and crowdsourcing. This way, we will be able to produce information faster and allow citizens, civil protection services and policymakers to effectively prevent and/or react against natural disasters.

The project is a 3-year endeavour involving 20 European partners in close cooperation. For instance, Meteosim’s contribution on this project is focused on assessing the long-term impact of floods and forest fires due to climate change.

In order to reach the ambitious goal behind the project, a timely execution is required. In particular, during the first year, relevant milestones have been achieved. The consortium has developed research and development activities and created functional prototypes of the different system modules that will ultimately lead to ready-to-market services and technologies. Also, I-REACT devoted important efforts to collecting end-user’s inputs, engaging with professional stakeholders and citizens.

The different milestones of the first year are described in the following sections of this newsletter.