Combine, streamline and cross-reference different air quality and odour data channels for smarter decision-making

METEOSIM is a commercial and technological partner of OLFASENSE to support the expansion of this innovative environmental technology. METEOSIM is also an ORTELIUM distributor for Spain and Colombia.

Advanced air quality and odour management system that integrates monitoring approaches based on human sensory observations, real-time and forecasted weather data, dynamic dispersion modelling, as well as sensor systems.

  • Understand in one view how your plant might impact defined monitoring areas.
  • See the development of complex incident situations over time.
  • Schedule your operations most efficiently while avoiding complaints.
  • Proactively manage odour and air pollution episodes.
  • Facilitate communication between stakeholders.
  • Validate complaints efficiently to avoid misallocation of people, money and time.


Streamlined observation collection via app or web platform

Source identification and complaint validation tools

Historic, ‘nowcast’ and forecast information

Pro-active process management tools

Powerful custom visualization and incident analysis tools

Integration of multi-parameter and sensor networks

Steady-state and non-steady-state dispersion modelling

Easy to interpret,

functional, effective


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