Meteofrance international, servei meteorològic de catalunya and meteosim, together helping to modernize inamet, the national meteorological service of angola, in modelling capabilities

Since past November, METEOFRANCE INTERNATIONAL (MFI), SERVEI METEOROLÒGIC DE CATALUNYA (SMC) AND METEOSIM SL have been working on a project to modernize the capacities of the INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE METEOROLOGIA E GEOFÍSICA (INAMET), which is the state administration of Angola in the field of Meteorology. The participation of METEOSIM and SMC is framed in the modernization of INAMET’s capabilities in atmospheric and wave modeling

In a previous Post, we talked about how specialized private companies are helping to modernize national meteorological services in developing countries ( In this Post, we are going to explain to you a case of success where it becomes clear how the combination of specialist meteorological organizations can help meteorological agencies in developing countries to increase and improve their capacities, modernize, and get ahead of time to the atmospheric risks that occur in the country.

The project, which is currently under execution, has consisted of the development of the WRF meteorological model and the WW3 wave model  in the computing cluster that INAMET will have under the modernization project led by MFI.

Both models have been configured to consider the characteristics of the country, and thanks to a complete and rigorous calibration and validation process, a very high level of reliability has been achieved.

The project has not only consisted of the development of modeling tools itself but has also had a complete training and knowledge transfer program, so that at the end of the first 12 months of the project, INAMET will acquire all the skills necessary to know the modeling system itself, as well as to interpret its results. Additionally, METEOSIM will accompany MFI and INAMET for 12 months of maintenance until the transfer to the local institution and recipient of the project can be concluded.

In this way, the INAMET will soon have an atmospheric and wave predictive system that will help the weather forecasters who work there, to have the most complete and best information about what is going to happen in the next 72 hours with a high level of detail thanks to the fact that the models are executed with a resolution of up to 3km for the entire country.

To carry out the project, METEOSIM’s experience of more than 15 years in the development of this type of operating systems in dozens of countries and regions as well as its extensive experience at a training level and mastery of the Portuguese language, has been combined with the knowledge of the SMC in adapting the models for use by the team of weather forecasters.

As mentioned in our previous Post, the main benefit of this type of project is mainly associated with having better alert systems for better prevention and preparation for natural disasters and for the improvement of services oriented to agriculture, water, food security and health.