Community of Madrid

Simulation and analysis of photochemical scenarios to design the strategy for improving air quality in the region of the Community of Madrid

The Government of the Community of Madrid required objective, rigorous and scientifically sound studies to validate the effectiveness of air quality improvement strategies and measures before they are implemented. Given that these measures usually involve a large number of resources and significant political and social involvement, photochemical simulation models were used to reproduce the effect of these measures and assess their effectiveness on air quality before being implemented. Therefore, the Autonomous Community of Madrid had access to a quantitative assessment tool for the proposed measures or strategies with the highest performance or effectiveness in reducing air quality levels within the territory.


  • Evaluate the effectiveness of air quality improvement strategies before they are implemented.
  • Include an effectiveness criterion of the measure in the design process for an Air Quality Improvement Plan.


  • Development of an emissions inventory for the Autonomous Community of Madrid.
  • Advanced photochemical modelling system configuration.
  • Simulation and comparison of different mitigation scenarios.
  • Identification of actions and measures which are more successful in reducing air quality levels.


The project provided an indicator of effectiveness for the different planned measures before they are implemented. This technological proposal also allowed updates and modifications to be made to the strategies which are proposed initially in order to assess alternatives according to the available technology. The tool had a system for generating graphical results content (maps, graphics, statistics, etc.) for the preparation of technical reports and to generate content for other communication tools.


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