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Atmospheric forecasting and alert system to minimise impacts on an Open Pit mining project in Huelva (Spain)

The “Open Pit” mining operation has high sensitivity to atmospheric conditions, affecting both internal elements (workers, productivity and supply-chain) and external elements (environment and nearby towns). Adverse atmospheric conditions can generate significant impacts within a mining operation and generate particulate matter that could affect the normal operation of a mine. Having a predictive system for meteorological risks and dispersion of pollution linked to mine planning allows potential threats that may affect the operation to be identified in good time.


  • Predict meteorological and air quality risks that may generate significant impacts on the operation and its environment.
  • Proactively plan sensitive activities to identify options to minimise environmental impacts.
  • Perform comprehensive monitoring of scheduled activities and their vulnerabilities.
  • Have access to tools to analyse and manage air quality episodes..


  • Installation of a high resolution atmospheric risk alert forecasting system.
  • Calibration of advanced pollutant dispersion and meteorological models.
  • Integration of a system to identify the sources of pollution episodes.
  • Dynamic updating of planned mining activities and simulation of multiple operating scenarios.
  • dvanced simulation tools for blast planning and other sensitive activities..


The mining operation has a system for identifying atmospheric risks and planning sensitive activities 48-72 hours in the future. The advanced modelling system allows both the detection of atmospheric conditions which may have an adverse effect on the operation and assessment of any detected potential air pollution episodes that could compromise the operation of the mining operation.


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