Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of the Government of Nicaragua

Climate Change Consultancy and Technical Assistance services within the transport infrastructure sector in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of the countries with the highest climatic risk in Central America. The Nordic Development Fund (NDF) has financed this project to prepare the future expansion, design, construction and maintenance of the highway network. The project focuses on analysing the impact of climate change on road networks and infrastructure in Nicaragua.


  • Design a new resilient road system.
  • Analyse the impacts of climate change on road networks and their infrastructure.
  • Deliver training workshops for employees of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MTI) and other related entities.
  • Identify critical points within the national highway system.


  • Assessment of the impacts of climate change on road infrastructure.
  • 30-year climate variables projection (2010 to 2040).
  • Production of regionalised climate scenarios.


The climate change projections represent a milestone in understanding the impacts of climate change in Nicaragua. As a consequence of this project, the country now has new standards, design manuals, policies and legal instruments adapted to the impacts of climate change. A plan was delivered to allow the World Bank and other Financing Agencies to continue financing critical points within the road network with new investment projects. The project has benefited 457 MTI employees through seminars and workshops.


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