The United Arab Emirates National Center of Meteorology

Audit and Technological and Operational Review of the United Arab Emirates National Center of Meteorology (NCM)

The United Arab Emirates National Center of Meteorology (NCM) faces the challenge of achieving excellence in its operating systems. The NCM is responsible for managing the meteorological observation network (AWS and Radar), and providing meteorological and seismological information to other public entities at the national level and also to the citizens of the UAE. Along with Meteorology and Seismology, the NCM is responsible for several Air Quality stations in the smaller Emirates that have limited resources and technical capabilities.


  • Perform a comprehensive on-site technical and operational review leading to operational excellence.
  • Support the National Center of Meteorology in becoming a benchmark within the Persian Gulf Region.


  • Participation in the review of the NCM’s meteorological and marine forecasting systems .
  • Performance of an in-depth review of the numerical models used by the NCM.
  • Audit of procedures and technical capacity of NCM staff.
  • Development of a roadmap for achieving excellence.


The management of the National Center of Meteorology welcomed the model roadmap designed by Meteosim as the basis for establishing an improvement programme that will be implemented over the next few years, updating its forecasting systems based on internationally recognised models.


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