Petrochemical facility

Chemical emergency management system in a Petrochemical facility in Tarragona (Spain)

Due to the multitude of pollutant-emitting industrial activities that take place in the Tarragona Industrial Complex, it is very difficult to identify the true sources that cause pollution episodes in the area. Similarly, activities subject to the SEVESO chemical risk regulations require tools that allow severe chemical accidents to be analysed and reported quickly and efficiently in order to minimise their potential impacts on their immediate surroundings.


  • Improve responses to atmospheric emergencies in the event of accidental leaks.
  • Identify the causes and effects of air quality events in real time.
  • Identify emission sources and analyse potential environmental impacts.
  • Respond to industrial accidents in accordance with the agreed response times.
  • Strengthen decision making in atmospheric emergency situations.


  • Development of a system to analyse and manage atmospheric chemical emergencies.
  • Integration of a system to identify emergency episodes using trajectories.
  • Integration of advanced real-time dispersion simulation tools.


The petrochemical facility has a real-time air quality emergency analysis system capable of responding in a matter of seconds. The system’s predictive module facilitates the detection of meteorological conditions which have an adverse impact on operations, as well as enabling the evolution of atmospheric chemical leaks generated within the facility to be predicted. The tool is aligned with safety plans and emergency protocols to minimise communication and action response times in the event of serious episodes.


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