SKG Tecnología Colombia

Technological integration of meteorological and air quality modelling systems in the Platform for environmental evaluation, monitoring and control in Cundinamarca (Colombia)

Illegal mining and extractive activity in the Cundinamarca region (Colombia) contributes to the generation of air pollution episodes. The Government of this Department of Colombia wants to detect and geolocate these potential irregular activities in order to take action.


  • Develop an identification system for illegal mining activities upon API request.
  • Identify potential emission zones when abnormal levels of particulate matter are detected in surveillance zones.
  • Identify potential uncontrolled emission areas.
  • Integrate the modelling system with the surveillance system.


  • Implementation of an automated system to identify sources of illegal atmospheric emissions.
  • Development of an automated “on demand” numerical trajectories and dispersion simulation system.
  • Provision of tools that allow algorithms to be applied to geolocate potential areas of illegal operation.
  • nvironmental monitoring of air quality.
  • Automation of air quality environmental analysis and optimisation of response time.


The project has enabled the integration of advanced source identification capabilities for environmental control and enforcement. The tool developed and operated through the Meteosim API allows this analysis system and all its features to be operated using the same integrated operating system.


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