WEAM4i Successful Final Workshop!

On April 6th 2017, WEAM4i Final Workshop was held in Barcelona to present the results of the project and its success case studies

During the event, the achievements of WEAM4i smart tools which lead to better efficiency in irrigation – of both Water and Energy – were illustrated by WEAM4i consortium. The tools were demonstrated in different sites in Spain, Portugal and Germany. The event was joined by around 50 different stakeholders from the irrigation communities as well as water and energy sectors across Europe!

Another purpose of the event was to make synergies with the different projects and initiatives working on the Water-Energy-Food (WEF) nexus.

As an example, the Information system of Weather forecasting for the agro sector was presented by METEOSIM (link). All the presented tools have been tested on different demo sites across Europe (specific agro locations in Spain, Portugal and Germany).

weam4i final workshop