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The company that owns this website is “Meteosim, S.L.”, whose registered offices are at C/Baldiri Reixac 10-12, 08028 Barcelona, and whose tax identification number is: B63225817. The company is listed in the Companies Register of Barcelona in volume 36339, folio 206, page B279106, 1st entry. Contact email:

The information contained on constitutes an information service by “Meteosim, S.L.” (hereinafter: “Meteosim”) regarding the range of meteorological services it provides, and the website provides access to a range of content related to the industry.




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Users may use the material that appears on this website strictly and exclusively for their personal and private use, and are forbidden to use it for commercial purposes or illegal activities. All intellectual property rights are expressly reserved by “Meteosim”.

“Meteosim” shall strive to ensure compliance with the above conditions and the proper use of the content provided on its website, and will take any relevant civil and criminal action in the event of the infraction or breach of these rights by a user.




Personal details of users accessing or using the website will not be collected by “Meteosim”. However, we inform you that, in the event that “Meteosim” should request personal data, the user would be duly informed in accordance with the provisions set forth in the General Data Protection Regulation and other regulations that apply to data protection.

Personal data collected by “Meteosim” on the various forms will be processed in order to respond to the request made by the person concerned, as well as to maintain the relationship which may be established with the said person, and to manage, administer, provide, improve and provide information regarding the services they may decide to hire.

For more detailed information regarding data protection, please refer to our “Privacy Policy”.

Meteosim has taken the necessary technical and organisational measures to ensure the security of data and prevent its alteration, loss or unauthorised processing or access, taking into account the latest technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which it is exposed, whether they originate from human action or from physical or natural sources.




“Meteosim” confidentially provides each of its customers with a username and password for access, which is unique, personal and non-transferable, and which is a necessary condition for accessing certain services included on the website.

The user undertakes to preserve the confidentiality of their password and may request to change it in the event of its being lost, discovered by other people, or any other circumstance which prevents or hinders the normal functioning of their access.

“Meteosim” reserves the right, at their discretion, to cancel any user’s access password when it suspects they have used the website in an inappropriate manner.

The user assumes full responsibility for, and therefore all the obligations arising from, their use of the different products and services that are accessed using the password or by any use of them made by third parties who gain access using the user’s password.




“Meteosim” has profiles on different social networks. Therefore, we advise the user that any data published on these profiles will be visible to any users who also interact with that social network, or simply consult it, regardless of whether or not they have their own profile on the social network, given that all “Meteosim” profiles are public. Consequently, all the information and content published by the user on the official “Meteosim” profiles will be communicated to other users due to the very nature of the service. We recommend that you consult the Privacy Policies of the social networks before using those services.

In the event that the user sends information of any type to “Meteosim” through social networks, especially in the case of third-party data, they hereby declare and guarantee that they are entitled to submit such information and that it does not violate any property, intellectual, brand or patent rights, or trade secret or any other kind of third-party right, that the information concerned is not confidential and it will not harm or offend others.

“Meteosim” ensures and shall be held responsible for the confidentiality, security, and processing of data only in accordance with the legislation in force, and only concerning the data collected directly from the user, and shall not be held liable in respect of any subsequent processing or uses the social network might make of said data.




“Meteosim” shall not be liable for any damages that may occur as a result of the use of the content of their website, since this is the exclusive responsibility of users accessing them.

Likewise, “Meteosim” shall not be held liable for any damages that may arise from the use of an outdated or defective browser version, connection interruptions that may occur during data transmission, computer viruses, faults or disconnections in the operation of the telematics system, crashes caused by deficiencies or overloads on telephone lines, or damage caused by third parties through unauthorised intrusions.

The “Meteosim” website contains links to other websites that may be of interest to users. “Meteosim” assumes no responsibility for these links, since it cannot ensure compliance with appropriate privacy policies. Therefore, user access to the content of the aforementioned websites is entirely their own responsibility, and is understood to be in accordance with the conditions of use set out on those websites.

“Meteosim” is not responsible for any breach of applicable regulations that may be committed by users when accessing the website and/or regarding the use of the information contained on it.

“Meteosim” reserves the right, at their discretion, at any time and without prior notice, to interrupt or deny any user access to restricted-access content, in the event any of the circumstances outlined come to light.




All links, whether they be hypertext links, framing or any other type of virtual connection via telecommunication networks from any website to our website, must be requested and authorised in advance and in writing by “Meteosim”, and in the absence of such authorisation, the links to this website shall be made to its home page.

Links to third-party websites are simply included as suggestions, with the aim of drawing users’ attention to other sources of information that could be of interest to them.

“Meteosim” seeks to periodically review the content of its links. However, it is impossible to be constantly aware of the specific content of the proposed links. In view of this, we request the cooperation of any user accessing content, via the said links, which turns out to be illegal, or contrary to public order or morals, by informing us via email at:



In short, the user is solely responsible for the use they make of the services, content, links and hyperlinks included on the website.




Personal details collected on the variety of forms on the website are subject to the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy.




“Meteosim” reserves the right to make modifications and updates to the information contained on its website, or to its configuration and presentation, at any time without prior notice. It also reserves the right, without any prior notice being needed, to temporarily suspend access to the website due to unforeseen circumstances and to carry out maintenance, repairs or improvements.

“Meteosim” reserves the right to include or remove any information from the website, wholly or partially, at its sole discretion.




For all matters that may arise with regard to the interpretation, execution or possible breach of these conditions of use, users shall renounce all recourse to any law under whose jurisdiction they may fall, and regardless of where any dispute may arise, shall expressly submit to the competence and jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of Barcelona.

These conditions shall be governed, in all cases, by Spanish legislation.

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